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We are a boutique independent publishing house, based in Melbourne, Australia.

We provide a professional platform for the publication of archival and research material.

First Release: Tablet to Table – cooked up with culinary archival delights out 16th August 2012.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Tercio Publishing Pty Ltd
ABN: 67 158 050 938

phone: 61 3 9016 0729
email: editor@terciopublishing.com.au


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Tercio Press – The blog

Today we created social media pages, so hopefully we’ll all meet somewhere in the ether.

I would like to thank Loredana (Lori)  for the work she did on the Facebook cover image.

I absolutely love it, and our main logo design is proving to be a complete joy to work with. The very talented David Hourigan is the man responsible for this beautiful work.

I learned a lot about Google+, and patience at the same time, but I’m getting my head around it. I have to confess I am more of a twitter lady.

Linkedin is all set up, and ready to be followed.

The highlighted words are all links, so please, check us out in the medium you use.

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