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Today we created social media pages, so hopefully we’ll all meet somewhere in the ether.

I would like to thank Loredana (Lori)  for the work she did on the Facebook cover image.

I absolutely love it, and our main logo design is proving to be a complete joy to work with. The very talented David Hourigan is the man responsible for this beautiful work.

I learned a lot about Google+, and patience at the same time, but I’m getting my head around it. I have to confess I am more of a twitter lady.

Linkedin is all set up, and ready to be followed.

The highlighted words are all links, so please, check us out in the medium you use.


11:10 11.10.11

We welcome you to the launch of our new boutique publishing house.

mutually supportive formations,
combined arms approach,
versatile in evolutions

Our goal is to facilitate combinations of access to the writer and reader in our ever changing media environment. So we are specialising in small novels or novellas and essays that will be published monthly within an anthology as well as individually.
Works will be released in digital formats and as limited edition hand bound print.

Writers will have the opportunity to be represented in a collective and to be honoured separately.

Readers will have the opportunity to buy the works together and or individually.

We will be building a list of works of fiction and non fiction.

We look forward to telling you more as we confirm our details.
Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon.